about us

Bonyan Gas Co. as one of the largest and the most important suppliers of helium gas and also various types of industrial and medical gas cylinders and tanks in Iran is proud to employ modern technologies to guarantee valuable sales and after-sales services, consisting of training, installation, maintenance, and supply of spare parts for our products.

In addition, our company possesses brilliant records and valuable expertise in providing toxic and flammable gas detectors supplied from HW, Honeywell BW, Dräger, and MSA Company and also laboratory and calibration gases supplied from CalGaz Company for different industrial sections, especially oil, gas and petrochemical industries, mines, safety organizations, and fire department.

From the beginning of the establishment of our company, our policy was customer orientation and also to response the customers precisely and on time, which is a reassurance to customers and business parties collaborating with a systematic group.

At Bonyan Gas, we are determined to meet all the needs of various industries in Iran and also to promote the customers’ satisfaction through honest dealing, supplying high-quality products, constant after-sales services, and providing up-to-date, useful scientific articles.

تصویر معرفی درباره بنیان گاز


جناب آقای امیرحسین شریفی

Amirhossein Sharifi


organizational model

علیرضا سالاری

Alireza Salari

Sales Expert

آقای بهراد محمدی

Behrad Mohammadi

Sales Manager