Helium gas

Helium gas is one of the types of industrial and laboratory gases, which is widely used in scientific centers as well as various industries. Helium gas is one of the types of industrial and laboratory gases, which is widely used in scientific centers as well as various industries.

Like many other gases, helium gas is stored and stored in tanks, which are called gas cylinders or capsules. One of the characteristics of this gas is its purity percentage, which indicates the amount of impurities in the gas.

معرفی گاز هلیوم و گریدهای آن

History of helium gas

Helium gas was first discovered by the French astronomer Pierre Janssen in 1868 in the gaseous atmosphere around the Sun. This astronomer succeeded in discovering helium gas as a bright yellow line in the spectrum of the solar chromosphere. This line was originally associated with the element sodium.

In the same year, the English astronomer Joseph Norman Lockyer observed a yellow line in the solar spectrum that did not correspond to the known sodium D1 and D2 lines and called it the D3 line. Locker concluded that the D3 line was created by an element in the Sun that is unknown on Earth. He and chemist Edward Frankland used the Greek word “helios” meaning “sun god” to name this element.

British chemist Sir William Ramsey succeeded in discovering helium on earth in 1895. Ramzi obtained a sample of a mineral containing uranium and after examining the gas produced by heating the sample, he discovered a unique bright yellow line. The spectrum was consistent with the D3 line observed in the Sun’s spectrum. Therefore, the new element helium was definitively identified. In 1903, Ramsay and Frederic Sody concluded that helium is a product of spontaneous decay of radioactive substances.

Properties of helium gas

Helium (He) is one of the chemical elements, which is in group 18 of the periodic table. The atomic number of helium is 2. This gas is known as a noble or inert gas, which lacks reactivity. Helium gas is the second lightest element after hydrogen. This gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and chemically inert and monoatomic, which turns into a liquid at -268.9 degrees Celsius (-452 degrees Fahrenheit).

The boiling point and freezing point of helium gas are lower than any other known substance. Helium is the only element that cannot become a solid when sufficiently cooled at normal atmospheric pressure. To do this, a gas can be placed at a pressure of 25 atmospheres and a temperature of 1 Kelvin (-272°C or -458°F) to turn it into a solid.

Helium and grid

Types of helium grades

Companies usually supply their helium gases with a specific grade, which determines the percentage of gas purity. The higher the gas grade, the higher its purity percentage.

Grade 6 helium gas

The highest grade of helium gas is grade 6, which has a purity percentage close to pure helium equal to 99.9999%. This grade is used to make semiconductor chips as well as small wafers that are on the back of smartphones, computers, tablets and televisions. Helium grade 6 gas is used in research laboratories, laser cutting, MRI devices and also as a carrier gas in gas chromatography.

معرفی گاز هلیوم گرید پنج

Helium gas grade 5/5

Another grade with a very high purity percentage is the 5.5 grade. This type of gas, like grade 6, is known as research grade. In addition to research applications, helium grade 5.5 gas can be used for gas chromatography, semiconductor chips, research laboratories, shielding gas in welding, optical fiber cooling gas and other industries.

معرفی اطلاعات گاز هلیوم گرید 4.5

Grade 5 helium gas

Helium with a grade of 5% has a purity equivalent to 99.99%, and it is known as a gas with a high degree of purity. This gas can be widely used in gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, research laboratories and weather balloons. This gas can be widely used in gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, research laboratories and weather balloons. The reason for this is that the presence of impurities can damage the devices or affect the results of the tests. This gas also has industrial applications, in which case the gas has a lower degree of purity.

هلیوم و انواع گرید آن

Helium gas grade 4/5

The gas that is commonly known as industrial gas is helium grade 5.4 with a purity of 995.99%. This gas is widely used for inflating balloons and also for MRI machine.

Helium gas grade 4/8

One of these gases is helium grade 8.4, whose purity is 998.99%. This grade is the highest industrial grade of helium gas, which has military uses.

Helium gas grade 4/7

Industrial helium with a grade of 7.4% has a purity equivalent to 997.99%, and has refrigeration, purification and compression applications. In addition, helium with this grade can be used in welding, as a breathing gas for divers, and also for leak detection.

Helium gas grade 4/6

Another type of industrial helium gas is grade 6.4 with a purity of 996.99%. This gas has wide uses, examples of which are weather balloons, leak detection, shielding gas in welding, cooling gas in rockets, carrier gas for analysis and also medical applications.

Helium gas grade 4

Finally, there is helium gas with grade 4 and a purity of 99.99%, the most important use of which is to inflate balloons.

تعویض شیر کپسول های هلیومی

High purity helium gas

High purity helium gas has a high grade. Due to its very low impurity, this type of gas can be used in research laboratories, recording machines, as a carrier gas in gas chromatography, cooling MRI devices, flame ionization detectors, infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy, thermal conductivity detectors, making chips. Semiconductor, flame photometric meter and laser cutting.

Helium gas importer

The helium gas used in Iran today is imported. Gas is stored and stored in cylinders or gas capsules with different volumes so that they are easy to move and carry. Various companies are active in the field of importing helium gas. Banyan Gas Group is one of the importers of helium gas. With its long and brilliant history, this collection has been able to provide its products with the best quality and the lowest price to respected buyers. The helium gases of this store have different grades and can be used for construction, oil and gas, medical, research and laboratory industries and filling balloons.

Application of helium gas

Gas is stored in cylinders with different volumes. Helium gas is available to consumers with different degrees of purity, each of which is used for specific purposes. Among the uses of helium gas, we can mention laboratories and research centers, welding, medicine, pharmaceuticals, breathing gas for divers, device cooling, aerospace and electronics. The uses of this gas are not limited to these cases and helium gas is also used to inflate balloons.

Helium gas safety tips

Helium gas, like other types of industrial and laboratory gases, is stored and stored in gas capsules. Some of the safety points that must be observed in relation to this gas are related to the gas itself. Inhaling helium gas can cause serious damage to the respiratory system of people. Entering helium gas into the respiratory system reduces oxygen absorption. Hence, people are advised to be careful inhaling helium gas. Some of the safety tips that must be followed in relation to helium gas are related to helium gas cylinders. Among the safety tips related to helium gas cylinders are:

Safety tips in brief

Sale of high purity helium gas

Helium gas with high purity is sold by stores or companies that import this gas in Iran. These helium gas centers import their helium gas from countries that are active in the field of helium gas production in the world and sell it to buyers after placing it in capsules with different volumes such as 50 liter capsules. One of the groups that has extensive activity in the field of selling helium gas in Tehran is “Bayan Gas”. This store provides its helium gas with a very high degree of purity and an affordable cost to consumers, so that it has been able to gain their satisfaction. If these loved ones want to buy helium gas, they can contact the experts of the collection so that in addition to getting more information about various types of gas products, they can also be informed about the price of helium gas.

Helium gas purchase price

The purchase price of helium gas can be different depending on the degree of purity of the gas (gas grade) and also the volume of the capsule. Stores or companies importing this gas provide their products to consumers as imports. In addition to Tehran, this gas is sold to buyers in other parts of the country. Due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of helium gas, the price of pure helium undergoes major changes like other products. To know the price of helium gas in Tehran and other different cities, you can contact our experts in the collection so that these dear ones can provide you with the updated price of helium gas.


Everything you need to know about helium gases, you can ask us so that our experts will answer you in the shortest possible time.

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